Why digital currencies deserve a better reputation By Cointelegraph

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Since its inception and during its turbulent journey to mainstream adoption, crypto has sparked both enthusiasm and trepidation in equal measure. After the unfair mistreatment it has received over the years, it is time to defend digital currencies.

Unfortunately for crypto, first impressions count. †BTC) initially acquired a tacky reputation in its early years as the currency of choice for illegal activity – favored by dark web users, ransomware hackers, drug traffickers and money launderers around the world.

Ian Taylor is the Executive Director of CryptoUK, an independent industry association that exists as a cohesive, credible voice for the evolving crypto industry in the UK. After 20 years in investment banking, he has held many senior positions in trade, treasury and risk management, and is still involved with a major international bank. As Executive Director of CryptoUK, he has built a community of over 100 of the industry’s most influential participants and campaigned for an appropriate regulatory framework in the UK, Europe and beyond.