Two’s company: getting a partner has a new advantage: a good night’s sleep

Recent findings indicate that sharing the bed with someone can increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep, in addition to boosting physical and emotional well-being

Do you sleep badly and are you stressed? Here’s some good news. Sleeping next to someone can help you sleep better, researchers say.

Globally, a significant portion of the adult population – over 35% reportedly – ​​suffers from sleep disturbances and complains of difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. This, in turn, can lead to a range of health problems, such as obesity, poor heart health, stomach problems, mood and cognitive disorders, among others.

But when it comes to a good night’s sleep, there is a surprising link between you and your sleeping companion. People in happy and positive relationships sleep faster than single people. A recent study conducted by Sleep Science, the official scientific journal of the Brazilian Sleep Association and the Latin American Federation of Sleeping Societies, says that intimate relationships and regular expression of emotions reduce stress in life as it provides additional support for individuals who have sleep problems. without the negative side effects or time/cost associated with traditional treatment methods.

The findings also indicate that couples’ sleep/wake behaviors are likely to be interdependent, such that their bedtime and wake times are influenced by their partner’s physical presence. Sleeping with a partner provides stronger bonding, longer sleep time, subjective sleep quality and efficiency, as it increases physical and emotional security when sleeping in pairs.

Experts also believe that sleeping with a companion has some health benefits. Viny Kantroo, consultant, respiratory, critical care and sleep medicine consultant, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, says: “When we sleep while touching someone, the body releases dopamine and serotonin. Both hormones improve mood, which are considered happy hormones of the body. Once serotonin is produced, it is converted by the body into melatonin, which regulates the sleep cycle. The person falls asleep faster and wakes up happier due to the presence of this hormone.”

Sleep should be considered a fifth vital sign of the body indicating mental or physical health problems. The body’s recovery process requires recovery from everyday wear and tear. Deprived of a good night’s sleep, it can make muscles sore and confuse the nervous system. There is a difference in sleep time of people with insomnia than healthy sleepers. “This situation can easily be compared to jumbled words or sentences. Detangling requires a healthy and calm mind, which is only achieved by resting your body,” adds Kantroo.

At the same time, the hormone oxytocin induces feelings of love, connection, and protection, and has relationship-enhancing effects. When released, it ensures a good night’s sleep and as a result also helps lower stress, blood pressure and anxiety, improves sleep quality, boosts the immune system and makes you feel safe.

“It’s easier to sleep next to someone we trust. When relationships are secured, it reduces the likelihood of a nightmare more than when you sleep alone. To achieve holistic well-being, one must consider sleep hygiene and consider creating a sleep-promoting environment,” said Kanchan Rai of Delhi, a mental and emotional wellness coach.

However, sleeping next to each other does not always guarantee a healthy relationship, just as sleeping in different rooms does not guarantee a failed relationship. Research suggests that a good night’s sleep makes someone happier, healthier, more communicative and even funnier. These are very important aspects of a healthy marriage.

“But what happens if one gets up early and the other is a night owl? In such a scenario, an unhealthy sleeping pattern or lack of sleep can actually lead to stress, anger and ultimately dissatisfaction with life. To make the bond stronger, it’s more important to spend quality time together when you’re awake,” says Delhi-based astrologer and vastu expert Rashi Gaur.

According to Gaur, a good sleep pattern is more important to improve the overall quality of life.

“The direction your head points is of utmost importance not only for a healthy sleep pattern, but also for a healthy life. Our head behaves like the north of our body. When we turn our heads north while sleeping, the two energies repel each other. Over time, this leads to insomnia, an overthinking mind, and sometimes bad dreams. When the head points south, the magnetic attraction created between the south zone and our head leads to a restful sleep and pleasant dreams. Put your bed against the south wall. If that’s not possible, the second best zone is the east. The right energy vibrations can give us energy,” she adds.

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