Top Most Unusual Cryptocurrencies In Circulation Today

Unusual cryptocurrencies

Crypto wallets should consist of unusual cryptocurrencies for investment

Usually, the cryptos with the highest market cap attract the most investors in the market, but there are blockchain-based tokens and cryptocurrencies coins for just about everything. The purpose of cryptocurrencies is to enable people to make money and raise money for various social issues in the simplest ways. In this video, we talk about the most unusual and weird cryptocurrencies currently circulating in the market.

• Moon Coin: Mooncoin is an altcoin that uses the average distance between the moon and the earth as the parameters for the unit of delivery. Aside from the quirky name, MOON’s underlying network and operations are pretty generic. The transaction costs are cheap and the features have a low block time, making it an easy-to-mind asset.

• TrumpCoin: While the TrumpCoin website does not directly associate with Donald Trump, it aligns itself with his agendas and helps fund various projects both nationally and globally, and it is not the only one. cryptocurrencies in the political realm!

• Putincoin: PutinCoin is a cryptocurrency created to pay tribute to Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation. Multiple cryptocurrencies enthusiasts consider PUT a parody of TrumpCoin, while others consider it a heartfelt tribute to the president.

• Useless Ethereum Token: It is the world’s first 100% authentic Ethereum ICO. It offers no value to its customers, which ultimately leads to fewer transactions and no profit. The main reason for the existence of UET is the protest against the too frequent initial coin offerings (ICOs) on the Ethereum network.

• Skincoins: Skincoin is a unique cryptocurrency, designed exclusively for the online gaming community. These tokens can be used for trading game skins, betting on gambling and esports platforms and more. It comes with its own cryptocurrency ecosystem, including wallets, exchanges, products, and even its own marketplace.

• Bonger: It is another cryptocurrency supporting the cannabis revolution. Bongger is also a social project that helps humanity in various ways as a currency and as a means of financing the cannabis industry. It also supports medical, pharmaceutical and basic scientific research on cannabis and its uses.

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