Hacker Reveals He Has $7 Billion In Bitcoin, Nearly 200,000 BTC Coins

A hacker by the name of Gummo has revealed in a recent interview that he owns more than $7 billion worth of Bitcoin.

Gummo first appeared on the YouTube channel Soft White Underbelly in December 2020, where he discussed his life and how he became a hacker for over 30 years. Gummo explains that he had a rough upbringing from a low-income household and the loss of his single parent, but managed to find a love for computers, eventually developing a set of hacking skills that he used for nefarious acts in order to survive. during his adolescence.

In the 2020 interview, Gummo says he was caught selling $10 million worth of code and given the option to either go to jail for the crimes he committed or use his skills to improve technology he had hacked by consulting with developers. By choosing the latter, Gummo became a “good guy” hacker, where he explained in a recent interview that he does “threat hunts“where he finds people”that need to be traced“, and advice.

During the interview, Gummo claims that he owns more than $7 billion worth of Bitcoin, which would mean that he owns 179,863 Bitcoins at current prices of $39,000.

Hacker Reveals He Has $7 Billion In Bitcoin, Nearly 200,000 BTC Coins 01 |  TweakTown.com
Jak Connor

Jak Connor

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